Friday, February 6, 2015

Compassionate Release for 3 old law prisoners?

 presented in 2015 and rejected- new one on the way 2019

Nancy Ezell, Ron Schilling  and Ted Shaw are fine examples of the waste in lives and money our system engenders,  WISDOM and FFUP applied for Compassionate Release for these three in December in an effort to  highlight the need to let these folks free and reform the system. FFUP will continue to help old law prisoners apply while we pry open parole itself.
View summation of compassionate release application
view executive order 31 which allows old law prisoners to apply for compassionate release
view Full compassionate release application

'view responses thus far from The DOC and parole commission

This is an ongoing project, Visits to warden and parole commission are planned. If you would like to help with this effort enail

NANCY EZELL( 54991 TCI)  was Born 1952 and  is now 62.She was convicted in 1998 of drug possession “with intent to  manufacture, distribute or deliver.  (961.41.)” She has had multiple major heart surgeries, has type 2 diabetes  and is on oxygen. She is  now housed in unit with  young people and finds it confusing,  noisy  and consequently very stressful. To her requests to be moved , she is told there is no room anywhere else. 

Ron Schilling 32219 KMCI
 Born In 1951, Ron Schilling is now 63 and has been incarcerated since 1976, 39 plus years.  He killed a man during a drug deal gone bad.  He was a Viet Nam Veteran and there is good reason to believe that he was incapititated and not aware of what he was doing at the time of the crime,(see his letter in application)  but he has never shied away from taking responsibility for the death.  He has served his time well, staying clear of major conduct reports and earning several advanced degrees while PEL grants were still available. He is a fine musician, poet, and litigator and an inspiration to those around him. Ron was granted parole by Leonard Wells until he became victim of the new tough on crime rhetoric that also cost Leonard Wells his job.   

Terrance Shaw 138254, OSCI, born 1948, now 66, incarcerated since 1982..  
      Terrance was a Viet Nam war veteran with what would now be called PTSD. His crime was horrendous and also he was horrendously ill . He has been in prison for 32 years on a life sentence. He has been absolutely sincere is his attempt to redeem himself and we ask that he be given a second chance.
      “When I first came to prison in 1982 I didn't even know my high school fractions, decimals, and percents. But during my first year in prison I got clean and sober and had a Spiritual Awakening. I studied hard for my own personal enrichment to remedy my mathematical deficit and went on to the University of Wisconsin-Extension and got 4-credits in Algebra and 3-credits in Accounting, and became a prison GED math tutor.
      I also took and successfully completed the 4-year Ambassador Bible College correspondence course by Herbert W. Armstrong out of Passadena California. After that I took and successfully completed the 3-year Kenneth S. Hagin's RHEMA Bible College correspondence course out of Tulsa Oklahoma for 60-credits.
        Then I want on to get a Master's Degree in Religious Studies, a Doctorate in Biblical Studies, and a Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Religion. My Doctoral Dissertation is registered and copyrighted at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
       Here at OSCI I had a meeting with Chaplain Reinke and let her know that when I am paroled I would like to apply with the WDOC for an Assistant Chaplain's position, since I believe I am called by God -and my religious correspondence courses make me qualified.”

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