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petitions ready to sign

  1) general petition for second chance for Old Law Prisoners


for specific prisoners:many more coming  > links to blog posts with more info on these prisoners and their parole docs and statements coming.
   3)Terrance Shaw, long ago rehabilitated

Terrance has been in prison for 32 years, for murder. He is a Viet Nam veteran and now knows he had  PTSD when he committed his crime and still works at controlling the symptoms, is model prisoner and has been offered treatment at the VA Hospital and a job mentoring others after treatment is finished- he must be released first. 
Sign Terrance's petition:

Nancy was convicted on a non violent drug charge 15 years ago, is 62 years old now. She is very ill , with a heart conditions and other impairments. She is on oxygen and being housed in conditions that cause her much pain and stress. View our compassionate release application for her and 2 others.

Eric has served 17 years of a 45 year sentence for reckless homicide and reckless endangering safely. He is given the stock reason for no parole- he needs to transition to a minimum facility ( where there are no openings.)

Below is Eric Rivera's Picture and some of the photos his family has sent- they are very supportive-


click here to Sign Eric Rivera's Petition:

Scott Howard with aging parents

   Has been in prison 30 years on a life sentence. Been to parole board 10 times, Co- defendants were release long ago, Prison record exemplary. Family devastated and needing him home at last. 

Click to view Scott Howard's petition

Scott Howard's blog for more info-
above: Scott Howard at arrest

Ron Schilling and daughter

Ton Schilling and mother  shortly before she died

7)Ron Schilling 32219, KMCI
Ron Schilling with daughter, taken approximately 10 years ago.
Born In 1951, Ron Schilling is now 64 and has been incarcerated since 1976, 39 plus years. Ron was granted parole by Leonard Wells until he became victim of the new tough on crime rhetoric that also cost Leonard Wells his job. Since then he has been back and forth from minimum to medium and is transferred without a word on why and is convinced there is retaliation going on.Here is what his social worker said:
"Mr Schilling has a keen mind and a good heart. If he is not a successful candidate for
restoration to the community, then no one on my caseload could possibly be!"
 Sign his petition:

his blogs
   Ron schillings parole story and much on how parole doesn't work:

  Ron schillings essays:

8) Randall Toth_-
Randy Toth with parents

 eligible and ready for parole,been model prisoners  When is time enough?

Click to sign Randy Roth's petition

Randall's blog post for more info

9) Luis Ramrez -a victim of solitary torture

Luis with family as child. He is in brown suit next to his mother
Luis Ramirez urgently needs help. He has been stuck in seg forever ,was released briefly to general and did what prisoners call "Snapped out",stabbed a guard with a pencil. the guard was back at work the next day and Luis says he
blacked out and does not remember the incident. He is back in seg with pending criminal charges. We are calling for release on parole , where he would do well with his family OR a transfer to Mendota Mental Health Clinic- away from vicious cycle  in the DOC. WE also ask for an investigation. He is convicted of armed robbery where no one was hurt. Because he harms himself in seg he is perpetually given new conduct reports and because he is there, he is not allowed the programming he needs. Help us get him out of this terrible cycle the prison has made him mentally ill. Read and sign the petition please.

This from his fiance:

"Luis is a loving, kind and intelligent man. He has been through a lot and has made his share of mistakes. However, he really is trying to be rehabilitated so he may come home to his family. He and I are planning to marry and start a family once he is paroled and able. He is tired of the prison life, the criminal lifestyle and negative energy from prison administration, guards and other prisoners. He made a mistake but should not have to pay for it with his life. Many of us have made mistakes in life or done things we are ashamed of, the only difference between us and people who are incarcerated is they got caught. Please support this petition so Luis may get the help he needs to be a productive member of society and he can come home to his family."

Click to Sign petition of Luis Ramirez
 straight url for petition:

10) petition for Romondo Seymour

Romondo also got an extreme sentence for a non violent drug charge. he has been waiting for 15 years for treatment. 
Blog post with more info coming.  
sign Romondo's petition  

11) Andre Bridges

Was a juvenile when He committed his crime> HE foolishly fire into the air trying to stop a fight . This incited not the quiet he hoped for, but mayhem and someone was killed. Andre was severely depressed when first in prison and is not a changed man. His fiance awaits him and he deserves a second chance-
 Sign petition for Andres Bridges

Rufus West has been is prison for 21 years for Robbery. Enough time. He has transformed himself and is model and teacher for all.

Randy Rotta has been in prison for 34 years. His wife supports him and still waits. He still sits 8 years later.

14)Hector Cubero

Hector Cubero was in prison for 27 1/2 years . He was then paroled ;then revoked for tattooing a minor who lied about his age- His revocation has extended too long.

15) James Schuman 335144 PDCI :
James and Parents. His mother has just been told she has 6 months to live.

James Schuman plotted to kill his wife during a dark parole period- the man he plotted with was government- noone was hurt. He has been in prison for 18 and 1/2 years and want nothing more but to be with is dying mother on her last days- she has been given 6 months to live. He has multiple health problems, is in his 60's. Please sign James Schuman's petition:

16) Shulbert Williams, a juvenile offender deserving of a second chance:

shulbert and daughter

Shulbert  was waived into adult court as a juvenile an has become a mature man since- the sentence was far too long and he will be seeking a sentence modification through the courts also. 

 Sign Shulbert william' petition by clicking here: 

See his blog post:View his Blog post:

17)Here is link to  the petition of Lawrence Williams:
Lawrence with mother, grandmother and friend

Here is another young man who received too long a sentence- He has learned what he needed and should go home .
Here is Lawrence's blogpost

18 )jose Garcia:incredibly, this man and next could have been deported as soon as he reach parole eligibility and here he sits along with many other who want nothing more that to return to their home countries
 click to sign Joe Garcia's petition:

 Here s his blog post: 
19) Jose Fuentes 
Like the last petition, he wants to be deported, is eligible to be deported. He is rehabilitated,his family is waiting

click to sign Jose fuentes petition:

We are trying to clearly show the human face of the horror that is perpetuated in our name . For details on the program and /or to add your own petition, email or call, 608-536-3993.  

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