Sunday, June 9, 2019

Intro to Release Requests by prisoners too long IN

A WORK IN PROGRESS- all ideas welcome

With excitement of a new governor and the possibility of real justice, FFUP received many release requests from old law prisoners long overdue for release and needed back in their communities. Below are links to some old blogs featuring parole eligible prisoners and new attempts at trying to post newly arrived case summaries in a way that is relevant and will be read. We are trying to organize these effectively in order to give these too long incarcerated people an effective voice. All help and suggestions welcome. Contact FFUP at

1)Quick Sampling of those we are holding for no good reason:
this is an overview showing examples of some of the most absurd cases> What are we holding these people? Does revenge ever end?

this is one long scroll down of the most recent case summations sent- this is where we are working on the typing and organizing-

a)this post has about 100 people on it- For a listing alphabetically by last name click here: 
the number of the individual requester will be on upper left of each request .

b)We are in the process of getting these categorized in a way that allows you to see the patterns of incarceration. Here are examples of the beginnings of the organization effort:

Post of some of the elderly and/or ill entombed in our prisons

a few of the many prisoners slated to be deported when finally released. They all have families in other countries and want to go home and have served all their required time as dictated under old law statues.

large Blog of kids waived into adult court- here are links to many individual blog of juveniles also. 
this is the  longest standing blog for old law prisoner- also needs to be organized better - possible alphabetically by last name and by issue. We will see.

5)there are also many individual blogs of writers , artists and and litigators who are parole  eligible. 
 individual blogs of the parole ready   Rufus West
Harlan Richards:

Below is link to records of Clemencies given before they were stopped in the Thompson Administration. Here are copies of documents by the then governors and a report by Harlan Richards, a prisoner litigator /researcher par excellance:
now to cases:
ALL OLD Law prisoner below have these things in common.
1) ALL are eligible for release.
2) have these two phrases given for why they are not out:
          a)You have not served enough time for punishment
          b) Release at this time would be too great a risk to the public

3) they were all imprisoned 2000 or earlier and have been in prison at least 18 years.
4)They are all over 30 and are statistically less likely to committee crime than their younger counterparts
5) They were all eligible for parole after serving 25 % of their sentence, a person with a life sentence being eligible after 12 1/2 years.
6) they spent many years in prison before TIS came in and took advantage of many programs including getting college degrees while in prions- all cut when TIS arrived and the prison boom happened.
More explanations/ charts etc coming

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