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requests for serious release consideration 2

Luigi Ernesto Aiello

Luigi Ernesto Aiello 177826 RGCI BD 1964, 54 life sentence
Robert Bailey

98)Robert Lee Bailey 179177,RCI, BD 1954, 62

Kenneth Jordan
99)Kenneth Jordan 65962/
John C. Burke Correctional Center, po box 900, Waupun, WI 53963,BD1953,66

James Woller
100)James Woller 456147 RGCI; BD 1943, 76
james Herbert Kries

James Herbert Kreis

101) James H Kreis 237138, RGCI;BD 1968,50

Israel T Stacey

102)Israel T Staley  656215 OSCI. BD1965,54
Craig Hawkins
103)Craig Hawkins 403962,NLCI, BD1955,64

Antonio Green

104)Antonio L Green 164792;RGCI ,1974,47

Jose Cabrera

105) Jose Cabrera 195726 RGCI , BD 1972,46

Felix Garcia
106)Felix Garcia 329923,RGCI;BD 1971,47

Keith L Allen

107)Keith L Allen 219621/BD 1965,54

Thompson Correctional Center

434 State Farm Road

Deerfield, WI 53531-9562

Christian Cruz 315874

Roberto Hinojosa 
158545 RGCI
PO Box 925
Red Granite, WI 54970
  ORDERED DEPORTED. Wants to go home.

Here is the form you sent me and your information and any details about my crime or I was deemed to be deported from a conviction based on circumstantial evidence. I was convicted on circumstantial evidence based on what an inmate in jail said I told him-no physical evidence, no gun, no bullet, no DNA of any kind-No place of crime, no times and date of crime.

I have a current petition for alternative Courthouse (petition sent to you)
I’m hopeful things will change :-Signed Roberto

REQUEST for SERIOUS Governor Tony Evers, his transition team and Name and Number: Roberto M. Hinojosa
Birth date (BD) / age now: 05-13-61 - 57
Date & Age at Incarceration: 22 years
Years in prison: 35 years
Offense description: 940.01 First Degree
Length of Sentence: Life-based on 20 Current prison: Redgranite Corr. Inst.
MR/PMR date: unknown
Original parole eligibility date: 01-05-96

Programs taken: HSED, culinary arts,
 Number of parole hearings: 15
Official reason for denial/deferment:
 Do you have a verifiable support system? Yes, mother's home in Mexico.

Statement (couple paragraphs)
At the time I was convicted the life sentence was based on 20 years less good time
earned which left 11 yrs, 3 mo. The law changed in 1983 under 1983 Wis Act 528, 1987 Wis Act
412, 1995 Wis Act 48 = Wisconsin now has 3 different options of a life sentence. The D.O.C
applies new law to prolong incarceration.

I was convicted on circumstantial evidence based on what an inmate in jail said I told him-no
physical evidence, no gun, no bullet, no DNA of any kind-No place of crime, no times and date
of crime. A pardon will keep me in the USA.

letter to me on writing writ of Mandamus:

Quincy Perry # 229814
NLCI BD 1969

February 27, 2019

Dear Ms. Swan;

I've taken full responsibility for my actions and I blame no one else but myself. I do know that rehabilitation starts with that statement and my time was punishment for my crime. Should Rehabilitation be the focus?

My reason for this letter is to inform you that our system is broken, which I'm sure you are aware of. I have some concerns that I feel needs to be addressed for us as inmates under Old Law, just as well as inmates under Truth In Sentencing.

1). Why are Old Law inmates being treated like we are under Truth In Sentencing!

2). Why are men being sent back out of society with out any money to get on their feet!

3). Why do us inmates under the Old Law have to wait toward the end of our sentences too complete our programs!

4). How come they don't have more Halfway Houses and housing for Sex Offenders!

5). Why are there so many Sex Offenders homeless where nowhere to live!

6). What happened to second chances!

7). Why do sex Offenders have to pay $100.00 a year to be on the registry registry while incarcerated!

Ms. Swan, I'm not asking to be released, I’m reaching out to you with these concerns hoping that you would address my issues with Governor Evers because our system needs some changes. I do understand that there are certain issue's he may not be able to change, but at least we can start somewhere. All I'm asking is for Evers to look at these situations that inmates are going through I 1ook forward to hearing back from you on this matter. Thank you very much for your time, and know that we appreciate you.

Quincy Perry # 229814

Scott Deichsel # 302984
New Lisbon Corr. Inst.
P.O. BOX 4000
Scott Deichsel

New Lisbon, WI 53950-4000

March 6, 2019
RE: Request for Serious Release Consideration Form
Dear Ms. Swan,
I first would like to thank you for taking the time to have put this form together and also providing our forms to Governor Tony Evers.
As you know, many people make poor decisions in their lives and I truly believe that people can change for the better. Society has been influenced and have been shown a mirage for decades that incarcerated men and women do not deserve second chances. The phrase of "Lock em up and throw away the key" has been the idealistic theory for Governor's of the past. This ideology must change because locking men and women up and to forget about them does not make things better or problems disappear.
Rehabilitation has also disappeared within the Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation has fallen on to the men and women who are incarcerated, and then for men and women to take it upon them selves to pursue the programs However, the men and women who are serving time under the Truth in Sentencing Law, truly have no benefit to engaging into programs, especially the men and women have a substantially amount of time to serve because even though they decide to take the program(s), it doesn't change or make a deduction on the time that they are serving. So numerous men and women have nothing to look forward to so they do not do the programs. If, they have the opportunity to engage into their programs, the programs are offered at the end of their sentence prohibiting them to get to a lower classification (minimum) to get the opportunity to save money, so they will have a better chance for success. This needs to be changed as well.
Thank you for your time.   sincerely;

to Governor Tony Evers, his transition team and staff:
1. Name and Number: Scott Deichsel # 302984
2 Birth date (BD) /Age Now August 28, 1975; Age:-43
3. Date & age at incarceration: 25 Years Old.   ..   -
4. Years in prison: 17 Years Incarcerated  .
5 Offense description: 1ST Degree Intentional Attempted Homicide -
6 Length of sentence 60 Years, 40 Years of Incarceration and 20 Years of Extended Supervision
7. Current Prison: New Lisbon Correctional Institution     -
8. MR/PMR Date: June 18, 2041
9 Original parole eligibility date   N/A
10. Programs taken: i have completed the following programs Anger Management, CGIP 1 & 21 Domestic Violence, Vocational Bakery Program, Completed the Apprenticeship Program through Work Force Development (Journey Baker), Certified Journey Baker(through the Rt-.i1 Bak r's
of America), Challenge & Possibilities(G B C I ), Tutor Certification Currently working with Unit Social Worker on Life Coping Skills, Multiple Bible Seminar Certificate's
11. Number of parole hearings/ number and length of deferments: N/A
12 Official reason for denial/deferment    N/A
13. Do you have a verifiable support, system? (Release support needs): Yes, I have a verifiable

Governor Tony Evers;
I've been incarcerated since June 18, 2001. This is my First incarceration. During this time I've had no major Conduct Reports and I have made every effort to educate and improve myself. I have also satisfied every treatment need identified by the Department of Corrections.

Given the opportunity to reenter society, my goal is to apply the training and experience I received in Baking to pursue a career as a Baker. Initially I would seek employment of an established Business while working towards establishing my own Bakery.

I have an established support network comprised of immediate family and long time friends, who are willing to assist me with this goal and reintregrating into society, if I'm given the opportunity. I am asking for a chance to become a productive member of society once again.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Scott Deichsel

in wheel chair on oxygen

RGCI, P.O. Box 925, Redgranite, WI 54970

To whom it may concern:
I am filling this questionaire by the numbers provided by Mrs. Swan.
1.   Steven J. Earsley
2.   10/18/1953, age now: 65
3.   10/29/98, age then: 44
4.   Served 21 years todate
5.   94310(2)(d)-Burglary
940.225(2)(a)-2nd Deg. Sex Assault 948.07(1)-Chil.d enticement
6.   Sentence was 125 years
7.   Redgranite Correctional Institution
8.   My MR is in 2081
9.   My first Parole is 4 July 2029
10. I have completed the following:
Cognitive Intervention / CGIP 1-11(1999)
Anger Management (4/21/2000)
Mental Health I-II
Emotional Trauma program
Thinking for change
Long Term Incarceration Course
Hospice Care (4/25/2013)

13. I served--20 years in the US Army and will be housed at VA Care Home,and my two sons will also help me with any living issues that arise.
I am bound to my wheelchair with an °2 tank as I have COPD Lev-4 (the last level before death). I have had several heart inplants/stints and am diabetic with poor health issues trying to gain compassionate release. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

Timothy Jones
Timothy L. Jones #167758
John Burke Center, 900 S. Madison St.,Waupun, WI 53963 


My name is Deborah A. Jones, my son is Timothy L. Jones #167758.  He has been incarcerated for over 27 years.  Not to make light of his crime, during this 27-year time period; Timothy has completed all the programs needed to make him a better citizen, including his GED.  I believe he has changed for the better and has something to offer the community once he is home.  It is disappointing for us to experience people that commit crimes far serious than his crime, be released and only to return back to prison.  We greatly appreciate the FFUP and Wisdom Program looking into the “Old Law” prison system.  It has only been hopeless prior to these support programs.  The judge at the time of Timothy’s sentencing, stated he could be released as early as 2004 (12 years in prison), if he completed his programs and stayed out of trouble.  He has been declined repeatedly, due to the “seriousness of the crime”.  There is never a clear explanation when he ask the question, what can he do to be released?  Thank you for your support.


1.           Timothy L. Jones # 167758
2.      12/02/1966 (dob)          53 years old
3.      03/1992 (incarcerated)    24 years old
4.      27 years
5.      Attempted Murder
6.      50 years
7.      John Burke Center      900 S. Madison St.      Waupun, WI 53963
8.      2025 M/R Date
9.      2004 (12 years in prison)
      Programs :Anger Management   Cognitive Thinking      Custodial Service
1     Mother / Family
Antonio Green

Antonio Lee Green164792, 1971, 47