Thursday, February 6, 2020

A Head-full of Historical Information: notes on the parole commission, by Harlan Richards


The following is a response from Harlan Richards. You can write him and help advocate for his release here: Harlan Richards

Stanley Correctional Institution
100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, WI 54768-6500

This letter is in response to, and contains corrections for Ben's notes from January 8. We appreciate these insights and strive for accuracy, but expect we'll continue to make small mistakes, given the complexity and opacity of the system we're trying to take apart.

1. Regarding release of paroled prisoners: there is no legal requirement that the record office conduct any sort of review of a person granted a parole. That is a DOC-created process where they search the file looking for an excuse to not release someone. They can do it in a timely manner if they want. A couple of months ago a guy in my housing unit had his conviction vacated by the court and the record office managed to process his paperwork in just a few days.

2. There is no requirement that DCC staff provide rides for paroled prisoners. Most prisoners have historically been picked up by friends or family (or if released from a prison far from home, take a bus) and are merely given a time and date to be at their parole agent's office.