Thursday, February 20, 2020

Clear the parole backlog! by George Cooper

George Cooper sent us a suggestion for clearing the Parole Commission's backlog of deferrals. We forwarded his suggestion to Chairman Tate with a brief introductory letter. George gave us permission to share the letter.

If you like George's ideas, drop him a line sometime!

E. Cooper #148394
P.O. Box 938 (OCI)
Oregon, WI 53575

Dear Chairman Tate,

After sending notes from recent parole commission meetings to people incarcerated under the old law, I received the following suggestion from a man named George Cooper.

Previous parole chairs used to send out Pre-Parole Investigations and Parole Grants in the mail. You have a list of names of those who are actually ready now to go home today but due to back log and things done by commissioner LaCost, they are just sitting holding up space and adding to the back log.