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waiting and asking for deportation


It is an incredible fact that we have many prisoners from other countries who were eligible for parole many years ago and we ordered deported back to their homeland upon release. Why are we holding them? Families are waiting for them in their own country. Here are two:

SCI ;100 Corrections Drive; Stanley, WI 54768

Jose Fuentes is one of many WI prisoners who were ordered deported by the judge upon release from prison. In 2005 Jose had a teleconference with a Federal Judge in Chicago where he issued a deportation order to go back to Mexico. Jose was sentenced in 1995 and has served 23 years of a 40 year sentence. He could have gone home 10 years ago, for pre 2000 statutes say he is eligible after serving one quarter of his sentence.
     In his own words:” I have completed all of my required programs.I have seen the Parole Board 8 times, and each time, instead of discussing the deportation order, I am told that they want me to serve more time.
       I have the love and support of my entire family who have written several letters over the years to the DOC expressing their support. My sister has a kidney disease and has to go through kidney dialysis every week and I want to give one of my kidneys to her. My father is 80 years old and his health is failing and he needs me to help with the farming."
But after doing everything the DOC has asked of me, it never seems to be enough. When is it time to give up?
And here are his final words to us and we think we should heed them.
"Mr. and Mrs. taxpayer. What about the incarcerated undocumented immigrants? Do you know that you are still footing the bill to keep them incarcerated long after they have finished all their required programs and long after a Federal Judge issued orders for these inmates to be deported. These immigrants should be deported out of the United States and no longer be a threat to society. Instead of deportation and saving Wisconsin taxpayer money, the Department of Corrections and the Parole Board are keeping them incarcerated to serve their entire sentence. Again, to fuel the Wisconsin prison industry and a big waste of taxpayer money."
Like the next prisoner, he wants to be deported, is eligible to be deported. He is rehabilitated,his family is waiting.Here is Jose's blogpost


JOSE GARCIA 305468 SCI 100 Corrections Drive; Stanley, WI 54768
           Jose Garcia is another prisoner in a miserable position.
He is a Colombian citizen and has been incarcerated , separated from friends and family , for 20 years. His sentence was 72 years and he had his first parole hearing in 2013. His crimes/convictions were very serious – attempted homicide, reckless injury, second degree sexual assault, false imprisonment and he states over and over again that he takes full responsibility for his crimes. He has taken every program he can and participated fully wherever he is allowed but the prison will not let him take certain required programs until he is 3 years from his mandatory release date which means he will have served 45 years before he is allowed to take basic programming when he was eligible for parole in 2013. He has all the friends and family back in Colombia to support him. Jose Garcia’s explanation is more eloquent:
         “Throughout my incarceration, I have, and continue to request to participate in any and all programs which will assist me in dealing with the issues which have led to my incarceration. I have been consistently denied.
           As I am to be deported to Colombia upon my release from prison, despite the current policies which allow inmates to be deported prior to their release, I have been denied such opportunities. As the process is explained, the Department of Corrections is the final authority to approve the early release and immediate deportation, and without reason, I have been denied such opportunities.
          I cannot say it enough, I take full responsibility for my actions, yet, believe I am being unjustly denied the legitimate opportunities to prove myself and no longer be a burden to the State of Wisconsin.
         Specifically, if I am eligible for parole, as I currently am, how is it I am denied due to the fact I have not completed the required rehabilitative programs, when such programs have been continuously denied by the Department of Corrections? How can I be denied due to insufficient time served, when current laws has permitted for review for early release? If such laws provides for me to be deported prior to serving my sentence, why not allow me to return to my country of origin? Is their any fiscal or ethical way to justify keeping me in this State, costing the average taxpayer 30,000 a year when Colombia will accept me back, as one of their citizens? How can I be of any threat to the citizens of Wisconsin, when I am deported?
           I understand the need for justice and to protect Wisconsin residents, yet, how is this accomplished by not providing the programs it requires of me, or refusing to allow me to return to my home country?

           I humbly ask for nothing more than what the law provides, I ask to either be allowed to take the rehabilitative program required of me or allow for my deportation.” 

 Lene Cespedes Torres 122605
NLCI Box 4000, New Lisbon, WI 53950

Lene came here at 16 on the Mariel Boatlift and lied about his age, changed his name from Lenin to Lene. He knew little of the language and  was convicted of murder soon after, in 1981. He has always maintained his innocence and has been a model prisoner. In his case, with a life sentence, he was eligible after about 13 years- since 1994- AND the judge ordered deportation upon release.
His family awaits him in Cuba.

He is a fine poet and wonderful artist.
Here is his blog:

Jose Meraz 406884 WSPF
I got sentenced to 20 years in prison for selling drugs back in
 2000. Of the 20 years I have 23 months left. In a few weeks
Jose Meniz

I'm going to file for me 85% .If I get it, I would be getting deported  back to Mexico. I was 18 y ears old when I came to prison. the  judge that  sentenced me gave me boot camp,or minimum! I was in medium custody for 10 years. I got a ticket and that sent me here. I got okayed to medium custody 9 months ago but it is taking a long time to get to medium because of the over crowding  of the prisons.

Edgar Montano 612191 NLCI( BD 1985)

edgar  montano

1. Name and Number: Edgar Montano #612191
2. Birth date 1984(BD)/Age Now: 34
3. Date & age at incarceration: 07/21/2012. 28 years old
4. Years in prison: 7 years on July 21, 2019
5. Offense description: 
1) 940.10(1) Homicide by Negligent Operation of a Vehicle 2) 346.67(1)1051 Hit and run - involve death 3) 940.09(1)(A)1011 Homicide by intoxicated use of vehicle 4)346.67(1)1101 Hit and run- involve injury
6. Length of sentence: 15 years and 9 months
7. Current Prison: New Lisbon Correctional Institution
8. MR/PMR Date:01 -13-2028 04/13/38
9. Original parole eligibility date: N/A
10. Programs taken: Certificates on Employability Skills. 36 hour of AODA/Anger Management, Computer Basics, Basic Skills for Improvement, Multicultural Awareness: Valuing Diversity. Book Club. Transition to Success. Stress Management, Critical Life Skills and fork lift truck operator
11. Number of parole hearings/number and length of deferments:N/A
12.Official reason for denial/deferment: N/A
13. Do you have a verifiable support system? (Release support needs): Yes, family member
Juan Montano I can live with him or my mom and I -work on Auto Repair shoe as a mechanic. I have a certificate on Auto Maintenance Service Technician

To: Governor Tony Evers, his transition team and staff:
I understand you looking for candidates to release from Prison, I believe I am a good candidate. I arrive to Wisconsin when I was 16 years old in February 2001, from Mexico. I went to high school, college, and I had my own Business, and I've always payed my taxes. And this is my first incarceration, I do not have a criminal record, except for what I am here right now. And also I have a ("ice") detention, so I'm going to get deported to Mexico. Since the prison are overcrowded, and if I get deported sooner than later you have created a space and save money. During my time of being incarcerated I've taken a number of treatment programs. I've taken responsibility for myself, and I'm ready to make the best of any opportunity you might offer me and my conduct is been good, I did not received any minor or major conduct report since my initial incarceration, so this tell a lot about personality, and I believe on 2nd chance!
Edgar Montano

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