Wednesday, March 6, 2019

MARCH 2019 projects for new governor and all interested


including 1)how we got to the present obscene system 2) immediate measure that can be taken to alleviate the grossest wrongs 3) Plea for building of mental health treatment center, 4) Long term goal of eliminating solitary confinement for more than 15 days following Colorado model
if any of this is accepted, litigators and I will submit more specific changes that are need, will help in any way needed in drafting bill

 There is an incredible need for a long term mental health treatment facility. That is included in this bill - here is powerpoint done by DOC on opening of the one at TCI ( lawsuit demanded):

2)                  REPORT on Misuse of Act 355 (MONEYScam ) and how Governor Evers can end it .
( also waiting for an account statement from a revokes old law prisoner who has two jobs and ends up with nothing on his account- cannot get hygiene supplies- will add that add that as soon as it comes)

3)        Information and data that supports SECOND CHANCES
a) Clemencies and pardons given between1975 and 1995 -before Governor Thompson took office and halted all. FFUP got the data and litigator Harlan Richards put it into a report. People are judged on their activities and behavior since their conviction decades ago- the non violent and the violent. People change. .Link:
         b)Scroll down blog post of prisoners whoserelease need is easy to understand. ---gleaned from many “waiting for parole blogs”- work in progress- will go to the Governor Evers with parole rule petition and pardon report
 ( link to scroll down post:
There are also many blogs- this is a miniversion.

4)What we will be filing- would like your feedback and I think you should know these actions are coming.
     a) Parole Rule Petition using statute 227- this statute provides that the rule change  requests be seriously considered. These rules were worked out over months in back and forth letters between FFUP and Prisoner litigators. they are good and would be effective in making parole work the way it did before Governor Thompson threw in the wrench. link: 
           link parole rule petition :
There will be compassionate release application- we would like to see the acknowledgement of executive order 31,which covers OL prisoners.

             c)Executive Order 31executive order 31  the Former DOC refused to recognize this- the BIG difference with DOC former interpretation is that the Parole chairman and NOT the ward determines release or not. The warden only determine statutory eligibility for parole ( which all  OL prisoners are). link: