Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Bill Brockett


William L Brockett 272754 CCI /

BD 1975, 47/MR 9 16 23/MX 11 11 35/ parole eligibility date11 20 21

  William is an what is called an old law prisoner and has been in prison for 25 years for armed robbery. He has taken every progam available to him and has been recommended for parole several time but each time the politics of the day squashed the plan.

this is by his fiance Brandi: “Billy(William)is incarcerated under the old law for Robbery with a firearm. He made a bad decision in his early 20s and robbed an armory in the hopes that he could make some fast money to feed his kids.  As a result he has done 25 years so far under the old law.  He has taken every class offered and has two certificates/degrees. Yet every year the PRC has some other excuse not to let him go. Parole Chairman John Tate, 2 years ago had told him that he was going to be released but then he stepped down or resigned and after he left office they would not honor the promise and basically said that they didn't have to honor it. 

            I have went through our old letters and found a stack of awards and certificates of completion for at least 20 different programs ... This is just so heart breaking.  He took parenting classes in 2004 several different ones....but yet he has missed raising both his kids entirely.  His daughter was completely heartbroken when they rejected his release plan again last year... She was married in October and all she had ever wanted was for her dad to walk her down the isle.  She wrote him a letter that just broke him...she stated that he had missed every single milestone in her life, including the birth of his first grandchild.  This man is one of the best people I know and when I first met him in 2015 I had an attitude about prisoners and I was seriously harsh on him.  He made me eat every word and I am ashamed at my judgement but with patience and understanding he showed me who he was.  He has begged and pleaded and cried in Prc meetings and I mean outwardly showed emotion and sincerity....only for them to deny him over and over.  He amazes me everyday though...everything he has been through he is still positive and hopeful.  I have lost faith in WIDOC.  Their purpose is to rehabilitate...he is rehabilitated...let the poor man enjoy the years he has left.  Sentenced to 35 years for a burglary/theft with weapon. Non violent crime..

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