Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Notes from April parole commission staff meeting.

 Main take-aways for organizers (read full notes for details):

  • increasing housing resources, and making old law prisoners / the commission aware of them for re-entry planning will help get people out. 
  • there is a way that some old law people can access the expanded earned release program
  • future parole commission staff meetings will include limited opportunities for public to ask questions. 

All the parole commissioners and records staff were present at the meeting. There were also two people from the DOC office of victim services in attendance, as well as 7 people from the public and/or advocacy organizations.

It was a very breif meeting, about 20 minutes after attendence was taken. Topics discussed include: person-first language, narrative section of hearing reports, changes to earned release, the national parole conference in June, release planning, in-person hearings, and transparency.


Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Parole Commission Meeting Notes, March 2021

Parole Commissioner Doug Drankiewicz on the zoom call.

Parole Commission Chair John Tate II started this month's zoom meeting with great concern that members of the public may be able to unmute themselves and interrupt the meeting. Apparently something was different with the settings from previous meetings. 

After working that out, Tate asked that everyone on the call identify themselves, particularly members of the public who didn't have names up on the zoom because they were just calling in, or had chosen not to insert their names. I don't know why this was important. If I remember correctly back when the monthly meetings happened in person, Tate only did this roll call thing the one time we turned out so many people they had to move the meeting to a larger room.

Anyway, there were about ten people on the call who were not PC staff, which is more than last month, and I suspect this influenced the way things went at the meeting.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

February 10 Parole Commission Staff Meeting

Commission Chair John Tate II and new commissioner Shannon Pierce

The WI Parole Commission had a staff meeting via zoom today. They have only had three of these meetings since March 4, 2020 (when the pandemic began).

The meeting was breif as usual and John Tate II did not allow public comment, or questions, not even the zoom chat was available to participants. Nevertheless, I was able to glean a little bit of insight from it.