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Wisconsin Families for a Second Chance -YOU ARE INVITED !

"prison assembly line" from old magazine

                 Wisconsin  Families for a Second Chance

                      we meet twice a week 

for more information, email :

Wisconsin Families for a Second Chance is a new group made up of families and friends of prisoners, activists and  advocates. We are coming together after many years of  battling alone for healing. We are  dedicated to bringing fairness and  balance to our Justice System. Much of  each weekly meeting is spent brain- storming strategies for individual prisoners, and we learn much from each other,  But we also believe that the WI Department of Corrections (WIDOC) needs to change fundamentally and so, have filed a report with the US Department of Justice ( USDOJ), asking for an investigation of the WIDOC. We are also working on a lawsuit to mandate real mental health treatment in our prisons and the building of a mental health treatment facility and are working with legislators and the media.

 And we need your help, We need you to stop listening to the constant fear mongering incessantly applied to prisoners. We need you to spend a bit of time learning just who you are incarcerating and what your billions of dollars are being spent on. We are developing a website to show you in detail who the State of Wisconsin holds in your name, including their stories and writings, but for now we ask you to think about these three groups of he wrongfully held people:

1) Officially 40 % of the population are mentally ill.( we have been told by a public defender that is it more like 70 % ). They are here  because prisons are our defacto mental health institutions- we have confused and alienated people out here- problems escalate until they land in there. Many end up acting out in general population while in prison and then are put into segregation, called “restrictive housing units” or RHUs-. Which is 24/7 solitary confinement. The prison will deny they have “solitary confinement”   but this is playing with words. They are given a rubber pencil or a crayon to write with and virtually no other tools with which to express themselves in a healthy way ; self harming is common. They are punished for this behavior and often receive more prison time for other behavior they have no control over., Our families group includes distraught parents of prisoner who desperately need treatment, but are caught in this endless cycle. Those who escape increased sentencing, are released upon their court mandated release date,- untreated, untrained and severely traumatized.

 2) The reason you don’t know about the above group is because of a second factor- Half of the prison admissions each year are for rule violations- NON felonies. It is a neat little trick, that once a prisoner is released, often with virtually NO Support, he or she is carefully monitored by his or her parole agent and for even minor rule infractions, they are easily revoked. The balance of the unserved sentencing is used to return these “offenders” to prison without charges appearing on CCAP, nor processing through the courts. Administrative Law Judges within the DOC render the decisions which return these men and women to the prisons.

The practice of incarcerating for rule violations is one of the reasons for prison overcrowding and must be stopped. Instead, prisoners need treatment and training while in prison and help with  maintaining and building a strong support system  when they get out. .

.3) The third group is the most astounding- Why  are we building geriatric and hospice units for  the elderly, sick and infirm rather than letting them go home to their loved ones? And did you know that there are at least 2000  prisoners who can be released at ANY time, those incarcerated before 2000/ What is called OLD LAW prisoners?- Most have been eligible for decades. And why not let them go home? We recently tried to gain release for an old law prisoner who  was dying of cancer- compassionate release, letters etc failed, and a lawsuit was too late. All he wanted to do was to be with his family when he died. Dominique Marak. He died in prison. He loved to do collages of portraits of prisoners using pictures of garbage- I include one here- in his honor.

And with that  glimpse, I will end with this.  Prisoners often say that once they enter prison, they are no longer considered human.  I ask you to learn something about the prisoners we are warehousing. People change, they are not their crime. Also, please consider joining us in our weekly meetings.

For more information or to join our weekly group:

Email: Peg Swan:  (  or write 29631 Wild Rose Drive, Blue River, WI 53518);

Tony Zilstra:

Kandis Volaske

Rob Slamkabob

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TAXPAYER ALERT:Some astounding, maddening statistics

 Taxpayer Alert

 We feel it is important that Wisconsin Taxpayers be aware of these staggering facts and how your tax money is spent:

 1. Were you aware the Wisconsin Department of Corrections gets 5.1 billion dollars from the years 2023 till 2025?

2. 22.4% of inmates are incarcerated for Drug Charges.

3. 9.8% of inmates are incarcerated for OWI Offenses,

4. 24.9% of inmates are incarcerated for Sex Offenses.

5.A Whopping 32.4%  of inmates are incarcerated for rule violations and no new charges..

6. Sad fact is the court sent inmates to Receive Treatment to return to Society as Productive Citizens. WI DOC  due to staff shortages and lack of transparency, does not even Honor Court’s mandate to give inmates treatment.


 Now comes the inexcusable statistic: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, which is tasked to educate your children,only receives one half of the prison budget- 2.5 billion for the same time.


1. Don't your children deserve better from your elected officials?

2. Many students come from poverty conditions and there is only 120.32 million allocated for Nutritious meal programs.

3 .235,8 Million is allocated for mental health programs.

4. 10 million over 2 years for the public library system


 This is a total misuse of your tax dollars. Please reach out to your legislators and demand they allocate more for your children and less for Corrections and ensure prison population is slashed, inmates receive needed drug alcohol and treatment outside the prison system and outdated prisons that drain the taxpayers’ resources are closed.


All the statistics above were gleaned from government websites  by a member of the group FAMILIES FOR A SECOND CHANCE. We meet by zoom and phone weekly and are a group of activists, advocates, families and friends of prisoners dedicated to  restoring balance and justice to our “Just -us” system.  We hope you can join us. For more information contact:

Peg Swan:  (  or write 29631 Wild Rose Drive, Blue River, WI 53518 OR leave a message at 608-536-3993);

Tony Zilstra:

Kandis Volaske

Rob Slamkabob




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Jake Mashl needs out bad


Jake Mashl 685667 GBCI BD 2000, 23 yo/ out date 1 16 24 

Jake  has asbergers and is not making it. His mother is heroic in her efforts to try to get him into a better situation. Below is the situation about 2 months ago. We have been working with Jake's mother and the situation is ever changing. update coming, 

Jake has asbergers, ADD and  multiple other syndromes  in which he is explosive and disruptive at time. His mother , Nikki, says when he is on his meds he is appropriate and easy to get along with. He lives with his mother and has the maturity of a teenager. He was in Medium security but was transferred to GBCI. I note that most of the people in GBCI are young Blacks and many here are gang members because that is their family as so many fathers are n prison ( see study in footnote 2pg1 ). It is Jake’s hard to handle asbergers that put him in GBCI and he was harassed and threatened immediately and ended in their solitary after only two days .

Jake’s story is ever changing as his mother finds out more . All his meds were taken away and his only contact, his mother, gets a phone call once a month, It seems he was saving pills so he could take more of them at one time- he felt the dosage was too small . Although he has ten months to release., we are all afraid he will be permanently traumatized,   He at one point was banging his head against the wall trying to get someone to come.

The big thing is that although his mother is  constantly calling the prison and Madison powers pleading that they give him his meds back, allow calls etc, as of this writing, SHE HAS HAD NO CONTACT with her son since  before thanksgiving,   Her contact has been through the social worker and complaint calls she makes.  Jake was on a program ( SO2) that he looked forward to before he was put in RHU and would like to take that program- This is first for him and shows that under the right conditions, he could learn a lot, .

Bill Brockett


William L Brockett 272754 CCI /

BD 1975, 47/MR 9 16 23/MX 11 11 35/ parole eligibility date11 20 21

  William is an what is called an old law prisoner and has been in prison for 25 years for armed robbery. He has taken every progam available to him and has been recommended for parole several time but each time the politics of the day squashed the plan.

this is by his fiance Brandi: “Billy(William)is incarcerated under the old law for Robbery with a firearm. He made a bad decision in his early 20s and robbed an armory in the hopes that he could make some fast money to feed his kids.  As a result he has done 25 years so far under the old law.  He has taken every class offered and has two certificates/degrees. Yet every year the PRC has some other excuse not to let him go. Parole Chairman John Tate, 2 years ago had told him that he was going to be released but then he stepped down or resigned and after he left office they would not honor the promise and basically said that they didn't have to honor it. 

            I have went through our old letters and found a stack of awards and certificates of completion for at least 20 different programs ... This is just so heart breaking.  He took parenting classes in 2004 several different ones....but yet he has missed raising both his kids entirely.  His daughter was completely heartbroken when they rejected his release plan again last year... She was married in October and all she had ever wanted was for her dad to walk her down the isle.  She wrote him a letter that just broke him...she stated that he had missed every single milestone in her life, including the birth of his first grandchild.  This man is one of the best people I know and when I first met him in 2015 I had an attitude about prisoners and I was seriously harsh on him.  He made me eat every word and I am ashamed at my judgement but with patience and understanding he showed me who he was.  He has begged and pleaded and cried in Prc meetings and I mean outwardly showed emotion and sincerity....only for them to deny him over and over.  He amazes me everyday though...everything he has been through he is still positive and hopeful.  I have lost faith in WIDOC.  Their purpose is to rehabilitate...he is rehabilitated...let the poor man enjoy the years he has left.  Sentenced to 35 years for a burglary/theft with weapon. Non violent crime..

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Wake up Wisconsin-! you are being duped- A look at who is in your prisons




Officially over 40% of WI prisoners are mentally ill- unofficially, it is more like 70% > Very few get treatment , most end up in what is called "RHU's" restrictive housing units'

The forgotten ones- RHUs -And the mentally ill stuck in them.

 There are no words that adequately express the daily horrors these forgotten prisoners endure. We have filed a plea for  investigation with the USDOJ and are working on a class a action to get complete change of rules around dealing with prisoner confused needing therapy and the building of a mental health treatment center for the men. There is a treatment center for WI women prisoners which was once well functioning, but we are told has lost its mission along with the rest of the system.

        A glimpse of conditions in our RHUs-Prisoners in these gulags get no tools to deal with anger and frustration and hunger strikes or self harm become main ways for prisoners to relieve stress. The hunger strikes and desperate letters and reports of self harm are also the prisoner’s only way to reach us in a way that forces is to finally act- they  get little phone and no corrlinks and our mail now takes a month to reach them  (  text behind). When they “act out” due to their frustrations and mental illness, they are given more time through a bizzare”evaluation” system that allows the prison to charge them with new felonies. OR they are reclassified as “malingering” and sent to AC where they can spend decades,

Here is a link to a DOC Power point document which proudly shows  the successes of the new mental health treatment center for women in Taychedah, ( Fond du Lac, WI)  . There are lots of photos also,  I have had conversations with two former psychologist who state it was well run and “not like a prison”.This  power point document was made about a decade ago and we need a center like it for the men. Is it possible to propose the building of such a center for men to the legislature? It would solve a basic problem.

WI doc Power point Report on the then new Mental Health Treatment center at TCI 


These are half the admissions each year. “Set up to fail” is the saying among prisoners- no support before or upon release and then swept back into the system for minor infractions. Parole officers have ultimate power and some try to help, most don’t and some have a zero “success” rate and are proud of it. There are guidelines that are not followed. Guidelines need to be reviewed and Effective guidelines turned into enforced rules or laws. 

2) THE ELDERLY :when is enough time for  punishment? Why are we building nursing home and hospice units instead of letting these elderly go home. Most are OLD LAW prisoners which means they have been eligible for release , sometime for decades.

Ron Schilling
Ron Schilling, is 71 now. His  two blogs, linked below,
were put together around 10 years ago and are
 still relevant- Ron has had a
 heart attack ,has been eligible for release  as an
old law prisoner , after serving 1/4 o f his sentence,
after 12 years for Ron and here he still sits.

3)Juvenile offenders

4)  ordered by the court to be deported but still here.

5)TIS truth in sentencing- a broken system

Michael Evans- pleas for mental health treatment

 Michael  Evans 344627 GBCI /BD 1980, 42

Michael' story is heart rending. He had mental health problems since the age of 8. He was convicted of reckless homicide at age 18. He had been beat up by a group, was handed a gun and in rage went after them and shot and killed one man and injured another. He confessed to all and took full responsibility. .Below are the final recommendations taken from a three page 1999 report  recommending a short sentence, treatment and academic training as Michael was accepting punishment and wanting to be helped. The whole report which relates details of his life and the shoorting .is in the following link= worth the read. 
Last bit sentence recommnedation:

Michael Evans sentence recommendations in entirety, good reading:

NOTE: as an OLD PRISONER, (  convicted of a crime committed BEFORE 2000), Michael was eligible for parole after serving 1/4 of his sentence. 

Twenty three years later:
       Michael Evans first wrote me when he was on hunger strike because he wasgetting no mental health treatment and was feeling suicidal .His letter below, handwritten original and typed versions, speaks of his efforts to get help and his frustrations with the system , He makes clear that being in general population creates much anxiety, 
  My response to him was that hunger strikes in the Wi system do nothing except hurt the strikers ,as he most prisons do not  follow their own rules and we cannot follow him or advocate effectively for him.
He agreed to join us in our effort to get a mental health treatment center and complete change in policies relating  to those with mental health problems. . Over 40  percent of the prison population is mentally ill and the prison mostly warehouses them in isolation cells which causes life long trauma.

Here is his letter , handwritten

  letter typed:

February 20,2023


One sad thing about this world is that the acts that take the most out of you are usually the ones that other people will never know about. by Ann Tyler, “ MStory”


On November 11th, 1993  I answer the guilty plea to one count of first degree- Reckless homicide,  PTAC, while armed and one count of first degree Reckless endangering safety, PTAC, while armed and sentenced to 14 years to 54 years  on January 19th 1999, sentencing recommendation from:Dr Suzanne Lisowski, who perform psychological evaluation,based upon ALL of the above listed information, read the following: sentencing memorandum enclosed


    I'm on a hunger strike, due to the lack of mental health treatment ,which started today February 20th 2023. since my return from WRC( October 2020), I was assigned to PSU clinical staff Dr Martha  Breen- Smith, who have a bullying personality, need for dominance, humiliation,intimidation ,Power and balance, un -empathetic, with smugness and arrogance characterize Behavior; I have wrote PSU boss,  Dr Hamilton many times regarding Dr Breen- Smith's Behavior, since my return, I have not received adequate medical care for my mental health treatment; in 2021 (Of ?) I started on hunger strikes, due to lack of treatment from PSU, going from 215 lb  to 169 lb at times, I have lost so much weight that at 200 plus pounds now, I look like I weigh about 180 lb, my muscular mass is bone.

  This lasted through 2021 to 2022; in April of 2022,  I lost a childhood girlfriend die, I lost it, after trying to get help from Doctor Breen- Smith with my mental health diagnoses, which are antisocial personality disorder,  unspecified depressive disorder,  nightmare disorder, impulsive- control and conduct disorder. 

 PSU undermined all my diagnoses, I went to the hole May 29th 2022, everything went downhill from there, before that, I passed out in the cell Hall from hunger strike after 4 days without food or water, on June 20th 22, I was released from the hole, I went back on the same day on suicide watch, released, on 6-23-22 with NO Treatment Plan, on 6 24 22 I went back to the hole for trying to assault staff with a, phone, I received 120, during my hole time I received no treatment for my mental health issues, PSU staff only would see me at the door stating” they not have the official hearing room”, Dr Breen- Smith  only pulled me out once  for a one-on-one, I was on hunger strike, went on and off auicide watch; on 8/11/20, I wrote the deputy warden Michelle R Hacse regarding my intention to commit suicide upon release from the whole( rhu), PSU staff sent to my door, I was not pulled out of my cell, PSU staff stayed at my door for about 5 minutes; I told PSU staff ”I can't commit suicide in the hole!On 8th 1822 I was released from the hole to GP; less than 24 hours later, after morning meds I went to the highest tier in the cell hall( H tier), I climbed over H-Tier, waiting for the cameras to come to jump, before video camera could arrive, the unit Sergeant run up on me, grab my shirt and tried to pull me back over the tier. I started to assault the sergeant, other staff arrived, LG M e g i a relieved the sergeant of his duty, after failed talking to come down, I was ambushed by (7) staff, I was fighting for release.


A society of sheep must in time beget a government of  wolves. 

 ,,,My right wrist was cuffed to the top railing by Lt. Me g i a, after a few minutes I gave up and came over the railing, I was placed on suicide watch from F r i m o n, during the whole time, I received no mental health treatment, I was taking off of suicide watch placed on TLU for assaulting staff, received a 120, I started going on hunger strikes, suicidal watch. I was placed in the treatment center on October 17,2022, during my stay, I was not given any treatment one on one )went back to the hole three times, 1121/22, I wrote the warden(Dylan Radtke) with my intention to self harm on 11 25,2022,on  11:22/22, with my mental diagnoses- I self -harmed, after being taken to HSU for treatment ,I was placed on suicidal watch again, released with no treatment plan, so I wrote my own treatment plan for PSU which still has not been considered.

  I spoke to Dr helmets( boss of PSU) on to 2:31 2022, I spoon- fed me on a treatment plan that will work only if I'm out of the hole, I agreed to work with him! not Dr Breen; I was released from the hole on 1 4-23; since I've been in GP, I've not received any treatment, no one-on-one. Dr Breen tried to send me a pass twice, after I wrote an ICE and CCE and notify the warden and my intention to sue PSU staff for deliberate indifference to my mental health needs, I refused and put a DOC 1803: inmate request for separation, for PSU staff Dr Breen- Smith and follow it with an inmate complaint examiner’s office regarding my assigned clinician; intimidation, threatened, harassment, causing me to suffer serious emotional distress.

  Nothing have been done about my mental health, I have received a response today from Dr Hamilton, again, it's always next week or two or three weeks to be seen by PSU doctor Hamilton is a supervisor of PSU.

 I have a lot distress and anxious in general pop; if I commit suicide, please!!!! make sure these people get held responsible: Warden Dylan Kay Radke, Deputy Warden  Michelle R H a e s e, Dr Martha J Breen- Smith, Dr Todd L Hamilton, PSU-. M.S Hillary J Berg, Security Director John a kind.

  The art project I wanted to work on is a model kit AMT 1967 Chevy Impala SS it's my dream car and I ever make it out of prison alive the model 981 is $25.99 color royal and 3463 and 284 Sparkle glitter glue - maybe this project will give me hope                                 


 take Hope from the heart of man and you make him a beast of prey.

Enclosed document

1) DOC 3035B- Psychological Service request

1) DAI 2023- 49223,From  John A Kind,Security director

1) DAI  2023- 49239,  from Michelle R Ha e s e, Deputy Warden

1) four pages of sentencing memorandum- January 15th 1999/  missing2 pages(4&5) 


 Thank you for caring, God bless, Michael L Evans

AND finally , below are two documents show Michael's efforts to receive treatment. The wardens  response is typical .The complaint and appeal process is completely rigged.

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The forgotten ones- RHUs -And the mentally ill stuck in them.

 Officially over 40% of WI prisoners are mentally ill- unofficially, it is more like 70% > Very few get treatment , most end up in what is called "RHU's" restrictive housing units'

The forgotten ones- RHUs -And the mentally ill stuck in them.

 There are no words that adequately express the daily horrors these forgotten prisoners endure. We have filed a plea for  investigation with the USDOJ and are working on a class a action to get complete change of rules around dealing with prisoner confused needing therapy and the building of a mental health treatment center for the men. There is a treatment center for WI women prisoners which was once well functioning, but we are told has lost its mission along with the rest of the system.

        A glimpse of conditions in our RHUs-Prisoners in these gulags get no tools to deal with anger and frustration and hunger strikes or self harm become main ways for prisoners to relieve stress. The hunger strikes and desperate letters and reports of self harm are also the prisoner’s only way to reach us in a way that forces is to finally act- they  get little phone and no corrlinks and our mail now takes a month to reach them  (  text behind). When they “act out” due to their frustrations and mental illness, they are given more time through a bizzare”evaluation” system that allows the prison to charge them with new felonies. OR they are reclassified as “malingering” and sent to AC where they can spend decades,

Here is a link to a DOC Power point document which proudly shows  the successes of the new mental health treatment center for women in Taychedah, ( Fond du Lac, WI)  . There are lots of photos also,  I have had conversations with two former psychologist who state it was well run and “not like a prison”. This  power point document was made about a decade ago and we need a center like it for the men. We will propose the building of such a center for men to the legislature? It would solve a basic problem.

1)WI doc Power point Report on the then new Mental Health Treatment center at TCI

2)psychiatrists, psychologists, International organizations report on the effects of solitary confinement

3)Blog we are  updating featuring many prisoners in Solitary forever.

4) Blog post of some cases we are workrig on now, several in our families group

Sunday, April 30, 2023

supposed to be deported but are still here.decades later


Lene Cespedes- Torres

Juan Navarro

Sonniel giddarisingh

Sonniel R Gidarisingh 287108 WCI
I Have known Sonniel since I started this work and never till now thought there was a way for him to see freedom as we had no allies with expertise in criminal appeals and all outside hope was ineffective. Now there is real help and hope. Sonniel has mostly been in solitary, abuse mightily by guards, a target. I lost touch for years after failing to help and we gather again with new hope the courts may be a way out.

From 9 28 2021 letter
I have a life sentence; I request Executive Directive 31 relief for deportation only. I was given a life sentence for a self defense act, I am requesting parole for deportation only. I have been incarcerated for over 24 years. April 2022 will be 25 years I am in prison. Link: 8031 petition of October 2020
PLease help alert the public. I was given a life sentence for defending myself against criminals who came in a private residence to rob me of drugs and money and they labeled me falsely as an opposing gang . The key prosecutor's witness testified that the two victims tried to rob me for drugs and money and they tried to attack me when I shot them. See criminal complaint, hearing Transcripts and trial transcripts of Robert outlaw. He was the prosecutor's key witness. “The two victims were Barry Booze and James Moore. They came into a private residence to rob me for drugs and money I didn't have and they labeled me a GD which is an opposing gang enemy to them they were vice Lords. I am not into any gang. They tried to physically attack me and I shot him in self defense. The judge acknowledged that of two victims was coming after me in a combative way when I shot him and he was considering giving the jury lesser included advanced offense instruction. This is included in trial transcripts. I did not send that. I also did the compass test this test is given to inmates and see if they will reoffend I score a low in all areas of reoffending. I did not add this in the 8031, but I sent all of this to Lieutenant farms Milwaukee DM, Mr Chisholm, Mr Josh Kahl. I had three inmates jumped me because of my case in GBCI. Three inmates that were Vice Lords gang. They jumped me. I reported this to security and they did nothing, then I was locked up on AC for years. Security filed false criminal charges against me.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

REQUESTS for FFUP help - step one intake))

this is not on web yet- but the links will work here and I will put this in attachment  too. feel free to write directly on this doc. The first one is the most overdue. I will contact all one way or another too but would like to have your input first and what actions you will take or "orders" for me as I would like you to head "legal intake". .  

and I have start the squinching of guides but dropped it in midair- will get that done.peg


                                         Another installment of cases

( feel free to write comments on the documents)


These are typed out and/or dictated letters for prisoners asking for legal help


Normally . I would offer to advocate( get their hippa etc) and most would get a legal form from me with badger guide and explanaton that we guide only and what We provide-and I would offer to send jailhouse handbook if they still wanted to sue and also would send chapter of manual and then they would pick out the Manual chapters they wanted.


Now I do not know how to provide them with any information- Am working with shannon of “the community” who works with TB a lot- to see if some way we can get guides in through .they      

Another idea is to buy the PLN health and safety guide they have= 16 dollars and very good- do you know it?

Protecting Your Health and Safety: A Litigation Guide For Inmates


Add to cart »

325 pages. Written by Robert E. Toone; edited by Daniel Manville.
Southern Poverty Law Center (2nd Edition, 2009).

Anyway- start getting shortened versions of what we have together and will send to you soon.


Here is another bunch of  cases, some new, some long overdue. Please tell me your  reactions and I will send them at least a one pager form tb given them next steps.


Oscar Anderson 151022 OSCI (Post marked 2-27-)lumbar disease and constant knee pain . needs MRI /has HSU docs here- has file a complaint /wants to sue. I can write one page tb and send him Badger guide on exhausting remedies etc= ask if he wants me to contact HSU? I can also buy the PLN health and safety guide for him ? LINK:


Jerry Pinedo 617272 NLCI 3 27 23

“What info can you provide me about filing a lawsuit against the DOC? Every time I go to segregation, the hole, it takes 3-4 days for them to give me my meds I usually am allowed to keep in my cell in general-population . These are my blood pressure and tylenol. I could have a stroke. I filed a complaint and had it affirmed, they admitted they did this. There’s no reason except they’re lazy. I need help to file a lawsuit. Thankyou.

 Note: jerry has my corrlinks,so, if you send me your response, I will email him- I gave him your email address also- so he may ask for an invite.

Tamio T Shipman- Allen 599135 WCI  (postmarked 31323)

“Sgt OC sprayed me called me Niggers & left me OC sprayed with no medical help for 30 minutes. The Dodge County Sheriffs Department charged him so I put my suit in on him a few weeks ago. I need any  help you can give me. If you could find me a lawyer I will give you 30 % of my award. I also need a jailhouse lawyers handbook”

INote Tamio is not on my corrlinks- I can send your address thru Textbehind web though- let me know your reaction at any rate, I can try to send him the chapters maybe of the handbook he requests, I can ask him where he filed and for copy to send to you or prisoner litigator? this is light pencil- not  scannable>


David Schlemm 198339 WSPF(Schlemm V. Fuchs No.21-CV-331-wisc.)

request written by Richard Paul 112903 WSPF 

Post marked 31923

letter from Richard Paul regarding David Schlemm 198339 (Schlemm V. Fuchs No.21-CV-331-wisc.

SUM and advocacy request to me: David has waited 8 years to receive need surgery on his right foot, has been on crutches for two and now is subjected to the same DR ( ribault) (now in WSPF)that denied him medical care in the first place( in portage). Ribault disregarded David’s podiatrist order in 4 1 22 that he needs surgery on his right foot

For us

1) he needs an attorney to recruit an expert of medical knowledge to become fully involved in  all of his pending existing civil cases due to the number of witnesses he has attached with all these specific cases

2) Was transferred for Portage in retaliation. Dr Ribault in portage had denied him the required surgery . he filed a lawsuit against Ribault after exhausting remedies.

3) He is subjected to the same doctor here, which is conflict of interest.

4) He has filed complaints that the Doctor is again denying him treatment and has taken away his wheelchair requiring him to use crutches

5) David has fallen on his face a few times as he is elderly and of poor nutrition.

6) Includes his Acct statement which shows that all his money is taken from him. He asks me to be David’s POA.

7) LINK: 

Notes: I will write both these men and send this also to Bill Ledford as he knows ribault well and I believe was also moved in retaliation- has won against him_


Tyrone Jones 561781- GBCI( hard to reed so light)(post marked 32023)

“I have been told that you help locked up individuals.I would like the rules or administrative codes that the staff are to go by such as failure to protect and cruel and unusual punishment. Also, I am asking for 10 stamps and10 vanilla envelopes and as much typing paper as is

Who can I call or write?”

Can try to send chapters from manuals to him but he needs to connect to a litigator

I ordered the stuff he asked for and will write to get his story and contacts if he has family etc.

(note- very light pencil- obviously I RHU GBCI.)


Robert Jordan 381126 RCI (postmarked 3 22 23)

Had covid bad. Still dealing with his lawsuit. ” The correctional officer that ran my foot over skipped town and fled to Puerto Rico and the case was dismissed because I did not serve the defendant in the time given by the of now the case is in  appeals court. If I am not granted a n appeal can I open it in the district court again? I would also like any copies you have of medical care and prison medical procedures and standards. I cannot find any.  Is there a jailhouse lawyer I can have contact with? Would love to hear back from you.”

 Note: you already told him he could still file in federal court as puerto rico is a US dependency- but here is more . Is he a good one to send the pln health guide noted above?


Brad Bates 367082OSCI-i. This case I would  have sent out our legal form for Criminal- having him outline the case and what he has done and sent his response to Matt Stechauner , andre tinnon or steven Zastrow.he is not on my corrlink list. Will look over what I have on criminal appeal- I do have bunch of writs I do not understand etc- what do you suggest? LINK:



Derek A Tabbert 415637 WCI( very light pencil) will write and send our Civil form to get some specifics. tell about campaign, discuss movement options?-HIPPA signed- the whole works-but learning the law might really help him cope- 

“I hope this letter finds it way to your mail because I am being mistreated by Waupun Medical and security staff.I even wrote to Kevin Carr about this and have not heard anything from his office.Ms Swan , I have noone to help me with this and I know you are the reason for the body cameras. So that is why you receiving this letter from me.  I feel my health and safety is at risk , while I am here at Waupun, as well as any prison.

With all this being explained to you, I am hoping to hear back from you and you will have some impact, just like before. By the way .my release date is November 15,2025 20 I would appreciate if you could help me. Yours very truly.”


 his is a start. 

I am putting the ones we discussed at end and will finally have a way to file right- maybe using google drive. 


Tony- with the cases in this section ( now 6) please ail me you ideas and I will send each a one page tb letter and will give contact info as is appropriate and connect them to Legal project as is needed-

READY to do :

 1)Ennis Brown, Rose Brown’s son, is being charged for hospital stay when he self harmed due to mental illness. question is  his assaultive conduct- 

Read conduct report < page  3 of this:

letter transcribed:

2)Michael Evans is seriously, not making it- now on hunger strike.- see in RHU section

for possible criminal case review and most certainly for  seg and parole campaign

FOR advocacy now: : Also has criminal case needs appealing. .

His Story: Question : after reading story belo, could there possibly be a Legal case for release? HE may be good poster boy for reduce population campaign

his story:

Michael Evan's documents CR

he is up for parole soon- will mount campaign with him as poster boy both for ol parole and for seg

TB one pager to him

3) Two health care cases- need advocacy and then possible suits- have them exhaust remedies " I am not getting health care I need."

Luis Nieve Has stage four cancer- all comforts and meds not life saving were taken away s 

have lost thread here- this taking away of meds etc is system wide- class action_ exahust remedies?

Charlie Hainer 3 letters health care, elder abuse/ Elder abuse- infinirte waits times for MRI and help made a few attempts with HSU- noone  in HSU seems to know anything 4 4 23- will email him for update and needs. Hav HIPPA and question is- should he exhaust remedies for a possible health care class actions. 

4)CHILD CUSTODY PAYMENTS QUESTION: question on child custody paying- where do you go to change orders. I will find the letters- I think two guys but maybe one- Bryant Howze_-How does one attack the ruling. One guy'as child is 21 and they are still charging him- wants to get it corrected before he gets out- has no money so is paying nothing now.

Have not done anything yet

Jeff Poff  (Coming)

Richard Paul And david Schlemm

Earnst Beahman

  Anthony D Oliver criminal case

 Group demand letters may help

1)Terrance Grissom transfer to COLO- this is joyce thompson’s con

2)Sean Forester Howe-  590081GBCI ( Bd 1981, 41 W) :family contact:mother:,Sean thinks he has Mrysa and says his body is covered with sores. Is on hunger strike to get treatment and has lost over 100 pounds.  Nurse says he has history of mrysa bit no diagnosis of myrsa now- Has not seen outside doctor since 2019 . prison doctor saw him for hunger strike evaluaition and he has to recommend outside doct pt they cannot send him. Nurses completely dismissive- say “he likes segregation “and repeatedly said he is doing fine- when asked if she hd seen him , she said no. Also said the “don’t have soliitary confinement”- (strange mind game.)

Communication is hard -Sean has put himself into seg fro fear of threats and harrassment form people he fingered in the CR case.  Security said that sean has not told him about threats and safety concerns and he has no lans to move him anywhere- Sean has to tell of specific incidents. wrote Sean for specifics.

Action? Group demand letter= outside evaluation/transfer out

also  has broken leg ( staff caused)healed by itself- causing problems and inno/ wrongly  convicted case.

Sean’s transcribed story ( written in small pencil print, unscannable)

1)Sean Forster Hoare Jane forester previous report:Sean has Mrysa and has not seen an outside doctor since 2019 ( verified by  conversation with nurse) , he has gone on  hunger strike because of lack of care and will not come off until he gets care, HSU ( health service unit)says he will not get care till he eats- This is illegal and unconstitutional but things continue= he has lost over 100 pounds and Contact is hard-- Nurse said he is getting electrolytes. To deny health care for ANY reason is illegal, and since he did not receive the care before the strike , there is no reason to believe he will get it if he stops. At least this brings pressure on advocates on the outside ( us),

3)Xavier Hayes-689448 BCI;(BD 2003, 20 yo,

Action ?: connect via TB web - giving him info of Families group contact to write and suggesting Group letter demanding Treatment facility :mendota or WRC /request update and sory-   connect regularly

(carolyn Hayes , Aunt ( Charles Hart, family friend and advocate(

Xavier is very young, 20 years old,  mentally challenged. His diagnoses before arrest were disregarded and the  Public defender was no help. He has 3 years in and family are very worried that he will be harmed irreversibly. We are trying to get his medical records from before prison as they would show him seriously ill and not stable enough to stand trial . Like  most of the people in WI RHUs ( restricted health units, )they are there because they acted out in general population. They are mentally ill and cannot take the chaos and abuse that is daily in general. Most also, went thru a process like Xavier did, where they are “evaluated” for competency and that is, according to prisoner reports: relentless interrogating/testing that goes on UNTIL the outcome desired by the DOC is reached, The exhausted prisoner simply says what ever is desired in order to have the ordeal ended. He is deemed competent to stand trial , or pleads “no contest” which is interpreted by the court as a guilty plea, and he goes to prison often with a ridiculously long sentence. There he ends up in solitary (RHU), gets no treatment or training,  and is released to the street with no support,and the usual result- decades of prison. I believe, Xavier, like so many youths, a kid in trouble ,needing guidance and treatment who instead is stuck in a system that only wounds terribly.  

4)TCI  Walking 1/4 mile to HSU without coats issue /timothy getting update from TCI warden ( link letters)


Possible actions:Discuss what we can offer: division of labor- 1)statement and links  to media ( Mario at WI Watch, MJS ) 2)wellness checks on HSers/ 3)open ;letter to   Evers and carr and media demanding treatment center NOT more prisons. Pointing out mail over crowding no treatmen failures-4) one page letter thru TB to people on this list 5) then follow with bi weekly newsletter?expand as people request?  

6)Discuss:Go to legislature about how best to get rhu prisoners to wrc- Tommie carter says needs transition before WRC- talk to Marlena larson about transition place- like WSPF or CCI- where they could have single ceel and slow transition to gen/talk about pilot program to get destree supplies in there 

Michael Evans/ Warns of suicide. Because of seg conditions- old law prisoner at end of endurance- on hunger strike, ( see first section)

Michael Evan's documents CR

## Jose ORTA: 9 t 

Xavier Hayes (see first section)

Next two are long time RHU prisoners that do diligent legal work. This has become nearly impossible. I had been getting their cases and doing minor stuff needed but now due to TB, nearly impossible. Both are self harmers and Fredrick goes on hunger strikes instead of self harming sometimes and is being threatened with AC. Both need more support

 1)Fredrick morris: -

2)Jovan WIlliams-work on case now- see indv advocacy now above

Jovan WIlliams horror in obs:

 Lonnie Mayer ( first section)

Cazionn WIlliams self harm and letter from granny/worked with him for few moths-

 Damien Green- long term RHU and good source on info

 Jason Kurtz seg and love

 Dominique Tovsen casares GBCI Conditions/ tem[oraoly in RHU- remembers how bad it is

Consequenses of no treatment or suppoort

##Luis Granados went home straight from seg


##Jason Cantwell revocation story



Andrew Green - needs treatment before release in June 

Catch 22- need prison doctor to get outside treatment 

RELEASE is the big issue. He is mentally ill and says his diagnosis was change on admission to the prison and he has been given medication doses”for a child” was afraid of snapping out and now has and is in segregation. The incident involved taunting by a guard and some other guards  commiserated with him- that this guy is trouble for others.

GOAL- get this guy to WRC before release in two months. He also needs safe housing apon release. 



##Luis Nieve Has stage four cancer- all comforts and meds not life saving were taken away s

 Aaron Robinson 565665 OSCI/ bd 1983 39YO B/outdate 11 30 27

-two issues:

 1) Ingrown toenail- advocated to get hi special shoes / toenail was removed by surgery-   and now has grown back, Aaron need a specialist which is not allowed unless requested by the prison doctor.

 2) Not allowed to see his daughter as has SOT conviction ( stuatory rape/had affari with minor) has taken course and is more mature--

My actions for visiting daughter:gone as dr as we an go

My actions on ingrown toenail: advocated to get him special shoes got them =now am told no outside doc unless inside requests and visits take months- wrote. Had zoom visit with him

 1)John Taylor- drug and alcohol addicted, Mentally ill , begging for treatment/often in trouble , has helping aunt we should invite to group. Called and advocated for alcohol treatment - finally got to point the staff perso admitted they did not have the personel


Dewitt Faulkner excellent on conditions




 Jeff Poff

                                                    done for now

1) London White 612824, GBCI/ CR case appeal

4923:advice, London White has an attorney for this case with a deadline in May. He should contact the attorney and file an appeal motion with the appeals court and /or ask for an extension form that appeal s court. Response sent thru TB with Guides email and contact info and email. 

 set up aoom2) Ennis Brown, Rose Brown’s son, is being charged for hospital stay when he self harmed due to mental illness. 

letter transcribed:

letter and conduct report here. Note especially the conduct report on page 3:

 3)Robert Jordan civil Case appeal question: Mar 21,2023

done for now4 10 23/Mr Jordan's proposed defendant fled to Puerto Rico. Guide says he can still file suit in federal court a Puero Rica is an  unincorporated territory of the United States . Response sent thru TB with Guides email and contact info and emal. 

 done for good4)LOOK up date on this letter/Dushun Sanders need  help with case in  Crt on religion GBCI Answer sent thru TB 410 23 qith Tony's contact info

resolution- Dushun is our and time to file motions is past, we did not act soon enough, 

set up zoom 5)Lonny Mayer 167104  GBCI /PREA and illegal captivity and conditions

  Lonny is being held in RHU ,revocated for violating no contact orders of his PO. The story sum is linked here:. Saw him on zoom and called hi preent girlfriend who he is not allowed to phone or have zoom with= that is all/She cannot come Wednesday nights but will do all to help.

 Of greatest concern is the prison is not allowing him phone contact with anyone and he has lost his house, business and all contact with those important in his life. He says this is through the DA asking the WIDOC to broaden the judges simple no contact order for his

former fiance to mean everyone.

Also on Lonny Mayer= part of  earliest letter speaking of the contact issue and also a PREA violation that was illegally ditched,

Lonny Mayer continued (2) PREA and illegal captivity and conditions

From February 2023 letter, typed form light pencil.

“This is the exact issue I've been experiencing about for a year  I have not been able to talk to my family or  friends or Associates not even to my attorney since April of last year.

 The prison is doing this all without due process acting on the district attorneys instructions and they are either flat out denying the complaint I file through the icrs system or simply deny me access to file my complaints

 Do you know that I had an officer make sexual advancements toward me. I wrote two security Supervisors…I spoke to several officers and filed a complaint on the matter. all of )which were ignored. This happened on November 28th and I've yet to be afforded access to file a formal complaint on the issue. They refused to acknowledge my ice and all the people I wrote asking to take my complaint have all failed to respond to my request.

 There is a law called PREA.  I'm sure you heard of it and the illegal phone restriction preventing me from filing a complaint to such.”

Lonny Mayer case sum (1)

will do zoom with him-upshot is that court ordered broad no contact and we could be liable for felony charges if we try to circumvent that- unfair or not- zooms are allowed. he is having much trouble with the isolation

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