OLD LAW and the Elderly in WI Prisons- DO WE Believe in a second chance?

the above article was written by Pamela Oliver, a well know US sociologist and what she writes is even more relevant today- with overcrowding and understaffing Nixing even the most rudimentary rehabilitation efforts within the prison. Tony Evers campaigned  in halving the prison population acknowledging that most of the people in WI prisons do not need to be there and are not dangerous, He however quickly reneged on his promises, allowing no pardons for prisoners and now ,by firing the parole chairman, effectively virtually all paroles. two WI Lifers Lists- need to be updated but give an idea CRIME DECLINES TO ALMOST NOTHING WITH AGE-chart DOC chart of age of those in prison link to ACLU at americas expense and intro     

the prison assembly line- slavery exquisitely perfected

1) Each prisoner generates 60 to 100 thousand dollars annually for the prison industrial complex-all coming from the taxpayer. 2) most prisoners come from low incomes/ they are given a public defender who is paid one of the lowerst salaries in the us and has very little money to use for expenses. Joshua Thomas                 Joshus Thomas Maximum Discharge Date:   08/01/2043    Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity or Mental Defect:  Mandatory Release/Extended Supervision Date:   07/29/2034     


We are finding that hundreds of people now housed in solitary confinement in the mot restricitve units were deemed "not guilty due to mental defect or insanity"by the court  and here they are  spending years in 24 hour lockdown. In the areas where those below are housed, they are allowed very little property and nothing that would help them cope with the day in and day out solitary. They get only a few minutes with a psychologist at the cell door- no treatment or training . These are the RHU "restrictive housing units" used for those who break rues or are otherwise disruptive.  These are mentally ill individuals who would naturallyhave -trouble following the rules of prisoner and most of the time the "disruption" is self harm, ie suicide attempts. Instead of getting an understanding ear, or therapy, they get more time in solitary. Then, as most these guys are truth in sentenceing prisoners ( TIS) they are released by law to the streets at the designated ti