Sunday, May 28, 2023

TAXPAYER ALERT:Some astounding, maddening statistics

 Taxpayer Alert

 We feel it is important that Wisconsin Taxpayers be aware of these staggering facts and how your tax money is spent:

 1. Were you aware the Wisconsin Department of Corrections gets 5.1 billion dollars from the years 2023 till 2025?

2. 22.4% of inmates are incarcerated for Drug Charges.

3. 9.8% of inmates are incarcerated for OWI Offenses,

4. 24.9% of inmates are incarcerated for Sex Offenses.

5.A Whopping 32.4%  of inmates are incarcerated for rule violations and no new charges..

6. Sad fact is the court sent inmates to Receive Treatment to return to Society as Productive Citizens. WI DOC  due to staff shortages and lack of transparency, does not even Honor Court’s mandate to give inmates treatment.


 Now comes the inexcusable statistic: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, which is tasked to educate your children,only receives one half of the prison budget- 2.5 billion for the same time.


1. Don't your children deserve better from your elected officials?

2. Many students come from poverty conditions and there is only 120.32 million allocated for Nutritious meal programs.

3 .235,8 Million is allocated for mental health programs.

4. 10 million over 2 years for the public library system


 This is a total misuse of your tax dollars. Please reach out to your legislators and demand they allocate more for your children and less for Corrections and ensure prison population is slashed, inmates receive needed drug alcohol and treatment outside the prison system and outdated prisons that drain the taxpayers’ resources are closed.


All the statistics above were gleaned from government websites  by a member of the group FAMILIES FOR A SECOND CHANCE. We meet by zoom and phone weekly and are a group of activists, advocates, families and friends of prisoners dedicated to  restoring balance and justice to our “Just -us” system.  We hope you can join us. For more information contact:

Peg Swan:  (  or write 29631 Wild Rose Drive, Blue River, WI 53518 OR leave a message at 608-536-3993);

Tony Zilstra:

Kandis Volaske

Rob Slamkabob




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