Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Jake Mashl needs out bad


Jake Mashl 685667 GBCI BD 2000, 23 yo/ out date 1 16 24 

Jake  has asbergers and is not making it. His mother is heroic in her efforts to try to get him into a better situation. Below is the situation about 2 months ago. We have been working with Jake's mother and the situation is ever changing. update coming, 

Jake has asbergers, ADD and  multiple other syndromes  in which he is explosive and disruptive at time. His mother , Nikki, says when he is on his meds he is appropriate and easy to get along with. He lives with his mother and has the maturity of a teenager. He was in Medium security but was transferred to GBCI. I note that most of the people in GBCI are young Blacks and many here are gang members because that is their family as so many fathers are n prison ( see study in footnote 2pg1 ). It is Jake’s hard to handle asbergers that put him in GBCI and he was harassed and threatened immediately and ended in their solitary after only two days .

Jake’s story is ever changing as his mother finds out more . All his meds were taken away and his only contact, his mother, gets a phone call once a month, It seems he was saving pills so he could take more of them at one time- he felt the dosage was too small . Although he has ten months to release., we are all afraid he will be permanently traumatized,   He at one point was banging his head against the wall trying to get someone to come.

The big thing is that although his mother is  constantly calling the prison and Madison powers pleading that they give him his meds back, allow calls etc, as of this writing, SHE HAS HAD NO CONTACT with her son since  before thanksgiving,   Her contact has been through the social worker and complaint calls she makes.  Jake was on a program ( SO2) that he looked forward to before he was put in RHU and would like to take that program- This is first for him and shows that under the right conditions, he could learn a lot, .

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